Twitter policy encourages abuse–AKA: Twitter Wars

Frankly My Dear I Don't Give a Damn

Are you victim? Are you a bully? Has Twitter consistently allowed a blocked user abuse, stalk, post and then delete threats/harassment, thus allowing the nutcase to remain safely within their TOS, as deleted Tweets do not count?

The phone rings in the middle of the night. Panic sets in. The late night phone call is never good news, right? On the other end, a drunken, unemployed, self proclaimed Twitter guru,  hurls accusations at you, threatens to kill you and your family. He records the calls, publishes them on youtube, links to them via his main Twitter account, though he has many. He then tags your Twitter account, daring you to interact with him, over his threats. Dutifully, you report the Tweets, depending on content, for violation of TOS for tagging from behind a block to threats and harassment.

Of course, it takes Twitter several days to get to your claim…

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