Re-newsit Blogger Ordered to Pay for Defamation

Stop Cyber Abuse

defamation-imageDenise Souriall has updated her website with the good news.

Ted Wafer was charged with the November 2, 2013 death of Renisha McBride.

In August 2014, Wafer was convicted for second-degree murder, manslaughter and the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.  Wafer has settled a lawsuit for wrongful death with Renisha McBride’s family.

Denise’s case is one that dispels the theories that only those on social media are targeted for harassment and/or defamation.  Denise was minding her own business.  A newspaper interviewed her because she was once acquainted with Ted Wafer.

Meanwhile, in November 2013, David Piercy reached out to Michigan media to promote his Justice for Ted Wafer Facebook page.  He appeared on camera.

Bringing up another layer supporting Ted Wafer was Vicki Pate, who apparently read Denise’s interview, and went on a doxing campaign to get Denise’s personal information.  Finding a docket for a…

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Twitter policy encourages abuse–AKA: Twitter Wars

Frankly My Dear I Don't Give a Damn

Are you victim? Are you a bully? Has Twitter consistently allowed a blocked user abuse, stalk, post and then delete threats/harassment, thus allowing the nutcase to remain safely within their TOS, as deleted Tweets do not count?

The phone rings in the middle of the night. Panic sets in. The late night phone call is never good news, right? On the other end, a drunken, unemployed, self proclaimed Twitter guru,  hurls accusations at you, threatens to kill you and your family. He records the calls, publishes them on youtube, links to them via his main Twitter account, though he has many. He then tags your Twitter account, daring you to interact with him, over his threats. Dutifully, you report the Tweets, depending on content, for violation of TOS for tagging from behind a block to threats and harassment.

Of course, it takes Twitter several days to get to your claim…

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Twitter Class Action Lawsuits

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

TwitterIf you or someone you know is a resident of the State of California as of October 27, 2015, and had a Twitter account on or before November 2009, you might want to know the following.

Twitter has been sued, and agreed to settle a class action lawsuit alleging that it violated user’s privacy rights by disclosing the full names provided by users without warning. The lawsuit also alleges that Twitter shared users’ public tweets and public profile information with third parties without providing adequate disclosure, and by failing to adequately inform its users that their tweets would be public by default.

The class action lawsuit was filed by a former Twitter user who opened an account in September 2009. The plaintiff, known as Jane Doe, alleges breach of contract, invasion of privacy, wrongful publication of private facts, intentional misrepresentation, negligent misrepresentation, negligence, misappropriate, and violation of the Consumer Legal…

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Frankly My Dear I Don't Give a Damn

This is a reminder, that even if you have been in contact with an investigator regarding your personal stalking, threats, harassment from Gregory Brandt Lirette, you still need to forward a letter with a “Victim’s Statement” to the court regarding the court case he has going on in Collin County, Texas. It is important that the court is made aware of his danger.

Remain  vigilant, aware of your surroundings, and never let your guard down. We’ve come too far in this year long, slow choke by him, to give up now. In the link below you will find court info, case number and the Judge to address.


Again, your statement may or may not influence the Judge, but it is worth a try.

We are finally being heard, and by the right agencies, STAND STRONG ladies and gentlemen, we will prevail.

Remember, be kind to each other, we all…

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