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Bonnie is much kinder than I. Much kinder.

Frankly My Dear I Don't Give a Damn

Dear Greg,

As I sit here tonight, I realize that you having such a large group calling your bondsman, is probably weighing on your mind heavily. After he hears your breakdown and your threats to other women, he will probably revoke the bond. As you are a flight risk and mental health hold would not be unusual. I’ve seen holds for less.

This call:

I realized you still blame everyone else. You blame your victims for not taking what you gave them, it’s their fault for not remaining victims, as women in your life have in the past. You refuse to get an on-the-record job, due to the judgment owed several victims.

I’m not sure why you thought we wouldn’t band together, just because we have different political views. This confounds you. So I will let you in on an adult secret. Mature adults can have differing views, yet…

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Let’s Us School You

Thank you for this, excellent job!!

Frankly My Dear I Don't Give a Damn

So as I was listening to the 16 min and 47 sec phone call between an activist and Mr. Glitter from an earlier blog by my cohort,  a few things came to mind that and I think we need to address the several big elephants  in the room.

Mr. Glitter stated that his arrests and the civil court judgement have no bearing on his current stalking and harassment of individuals.  Let me just say indeed they do, all of your past indiscretions show a pattern. This pattern shows that you have a history of domestic violence against women and  a history of stalking, harassing, and making threats of physical harm to victims current and past. You are also making threats to and about victims because they have sought out remedies via Law enforcement. You currently have tried to intimidate people to not send proof and evidence to the Prosecutor…

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Glitter calls the FBI, then gets pulled over by Dallas County PD

You threatened me, Greg. You did so thru third parties. You attempted to do so directly, I just didn’t take the calls. Everyone has caller ID, dipshit. My husband, relatives, friends, nor employees will tolerate you or bullshit. I feel sorry for those who do.
I am NOT one of them.

Frankly My Dear I Don't Give a Damn

He dindu nuffin!  Life sucks for Gliiter. Though he has yet to put 2 and 2 together and come up with anything but,  elephant.

This fool decided his best bet was to call FBI tonight after harassing one of his victims, in fact while one of his victims were on the other line. For her safety and peace of mind, she was already recording. Obviously, he didn’t know that at the time. What you will now hear is 15 minutes of insanity, denial, and a good basis for why Greg Lirette needs a mental health evaluation.

The lunacy that recording reveals, why it is so very important for victims to share their stories with the court. There is no need for file after file of evidence. A simple letter explaining what evidence is available, along with what his threats, stalking and harassment has done to you personally, will suffice.

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Merry Christmas MFer!

This is great news indeed,
Merry Christmas!

Frankly My Dear I Don't Give a Damn


Justice may yet be served! Indigent loser Gregory Brandt Lirette has been indicted for the choking assault of someone he was living with. As you can see below, he has been assigned an attorney, a date has been set for January 22, 2016, for what looks to be, a first court date. Until we speak with prosecutor, we cannot report what will take place at this court date.

Court DocumentCourt Records

As he had a previous assault conviction, it ups the charge a bit. 2-10 years is the amount of time he looking at. Now is the time to send your evidence and letter to prosecutor, as well as the actual court. Even though it will not be used as evidence in this trial, it may help the judge in sentencing.

His best bet at this point is to strike a deal. I have personal knowledge of at least 4 women sending…

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