3 thoughts on “Chris(blogtalkradio) rips Psycho POS a new 1 (Guest Blog by Rumpole)

  1. I had been looking for this. As my Twitter account has been suspended, I put it here.
    I have yet to see how Twitter still takes reports from him, or doesn’t see what he does??
    There is a repeated pattern of filing reports, claiming DMCA, harassment by way of contact in real life, and worse. Greg, you do not have right to my information. I had blocked every Twitter account SOC that you’ve ever had.
    I have filed with several Law Enforcement agencies regarding you, and will continue to do.
    When your trail comes up in Texas, don’t be surprised if I am there. Trails open to the public, are just that,
    Same goes for the mugshot you have falsely claimed DMCA takedown notices on. Seems no one is no longer dumb enough to fall for your claim of owning that pic. And Collin County website is a law enforcement website, so forget the whining about anyone linking to it. Piss off.
    Now, here’s YOUR notice:
    Every threat you make against, to, or about me is being handed over to LEO.
    And remember this,
    For everyone else, no matter what side on that aisle you’re on, I do NOT believe you should be harassed by this, or any other, disturbed individual! Especially not one whose past behavior is showing obvious signs of ESCALATION in actions. Collin County arrest is, I believe, not the first assault charge.
    I am currently in the process of getting more info on the validity of my statement.
    I cannot stress enough, that just because Lirette files and makes repeated false claims, I refuse to participate in the same behaviour, that I accuse him of.
    So, here ya go, Smeg.

    Keep making more threats against me. I’m waiting for you to act on those threats some more.
    Wanna know why? Because I’m NOT THE ONLY ONE, waiting!
    Not the only one, at all.

    Ask yourself: Who is the BAIT?

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    1. Thanks for re-posting a link to the Blog.

      Lirette continues to TRY hide the evidence of his PUBLIC psychotic episodes. That has worked for him with the DaftCunts@TwitterHQ, but even they can not always enable his “Tweet and Delete” tactics. Unbelievably they do still try hard to enable him, they have allowed him to simply use a SOC account as soon as an account is suspended, but eventually they have accept the evidence and suspend his BAD SOC accounts. He is now a 13 time convicted twitter criminal in regards accounts I have seen suspended in just the few months since I first saw the serial stalker/abuser/pedophile in action at Twitter. I am SURE he still has Twitter accounts now. He is just to pussy-scared to play up at the moment, but that wont last. It never does. As I have pointed out to TwitterHQ, even when suspended he STILL stalks and abuses the same victims with his ridiculous reporting and false DMCA claims. This is most definitely a serious failing in the corrupt way twitter is administered. The should NOT be accepting any reports from a psycho who they themselves have suspended once, let alone 13 times?

      As I have said, most companies acquiesce to Lirette’s BS DMCA claims… they are lazy cowards, and it’s an easy way out if they just remove anything Lirette indicates, without investigating the validity of the claim. That puts the onus on account holders to waste time (and money) contesting the claims, as well as having to supply their own details. I am sure that is part of Lirettes game. Even an obviously silly DMCA claim is sufficient for him acquire other people’s details if they lodge a response, and he is a STALKER when all said and done. A person who uses and abuses any information he can find about other people.

      I have found that there is no need to respond to Lirette’s DMCA hits. It easy enough to find alternative places to post stuff. His “Tango Down” ops last for only a brief time before evidence against him is back in PUBLIC DOMAIN

      The Lierette DMCA on YT I made of the blogtalk radio broadcast was actually REJECTED as nonsense and YT left it place. So… that tango Down was a big fat FAIL on Lirette’s part. Other videos and images I have alternative site in abundance to put stuff back up whenever he lies and whines like a baby to get stuff taken down.

      And we do need to keep highlighting this evidence to alert people to his nasty nature. He “shoots himself in the foot” every time he does one of his BS DMCA’s because that re-opends the material to public scrutiny. I make a point of re-posting and reminding people of anything he tries to take down.

      The fact that he wants it removed just proves that it is ON TARGET.


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      1. Thank you very much. I agree wholeheartedly that Greg Lirette and his actions need to be called out and seen in the light of day! Seems he thinks he can make threats against me, and I will shrink away, hoping he will forget I am there. NOT.EVEN.CLOSE.
        My last tweet on the kajubitch account was that he fuqqed with the wrong broad.
        He will now be called out on everything possible. My only regret is that I did not wake up to the seriousness of his actions sooner, and for that I am sorry. There are way too many examples of him targeting and harassing folks on Twitter and in real life.
        Many have waited, calling it ‘gathering evidence’ or such. I say nonsense! The more of us that speak up, and do so, early, and often, the more the truth is seen, and the more others can be helped and to avoid this stalker of women who want nothing to do with him, and the men who call him out on it!

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